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Discover Our Latest Specials

Welcome to our Specials page, where we feature the latest culinary creations and seasonal delights at The Lazy Turtle Restaurant & Cocktail Bar. From delectable chef’s specials to the freshest catch of the day, there’s always something new and exciting to tempt your taste buds.

Chef’s Specials: Our talented chefs are always experimenting with innovative flavors and techniques to bring you unique and mouthwatering dishes. Keep an eye on this section for our latest chef-inspired creations that are sure to surprise and delight.

Catch of the Day: As One Happy Island restaurant, we take pride in offering the freshest seafood available. Our Catch of the Day selection features the finest locally sourced fish, expertly prepared to highlight their natural flavors.

Be sure to check back regularly to see what’s new on our Specials menu. Join us at The Lazy Turtle Aruba and embark on a culinary adventure filled with excitement and flavor!